Hanem was Founded in 1995 in Uçhisar, the Famous town which is known "The Top of Cappadocia" The company had a indisputal part in the business of jewelry designed with precios stones, gold and silver, onyx manufacturing and meachhaume pipes and It has grown over 10 years of bisiness establishing itself as one of the most respected art centers among Cappadocia stores, assuming the leadership in the production of non-branded Cappadocian jewelry.

          Hanem incorporates 3 production workshop and 5 exhibiton rooms totaling a work Force of 45 employees. Hanem creates hand made prodfcts by an unbeatable quality price ratio, where the originality and exquisite finishes of the product are compled with accesible prices.

          Hanem also selects the finest Turkish jewelry-makers, onyx masters and pipe carvers. Our creativity is expressed in thousand of styler, from Ottoman desing to modern, from gold and silver filigree to Trabzon which is known woven gold straw, all realized in 14, 18 and 22, 24 carats gold high-quality silver and master fully set with the diamonds, turquoise, pearls, topazes and other precisus and semi-precious stones, all backed by a life time warranty.

          Hanem offers a lifetime guarantee on the quality of our jewels, the authenticity of our gemstones, the percentage of pure gold, silver used to make our jewelry and free repairs.

Designed by Buse Ajans & Tasarım